Case: Savings and new earnings = lower overall energy costs

Risk or opportunity? As the price volatility increases in intraday markets, it can have a significant positive or negative impact on the energy company’s financials.




Trading in intraday markets accelerates, allowing no room for slowness or manual processes

An energy producer is always balancing between supply and demand, aiming at producing and buying electricity at the optimal time and price. The energy production is planned based on the forecasts and price predictions.

As forecasts are never entirely accurate, the energy company can make adjustments agilely by trading on intraday markets. However, there are many challenges related to intraday trading:

  • Price volatility is high and constantly increasing

  • Slowness and manual processes lead to missed opportunities

  • Buying at the wrong time can lead to significant cost increases




Gaining access to intraday markets in a modern and secure way

With our Beyond Spot service, the energy producer can securely integrate their operations into the energy markets, including intraday trading. The Beyond Spot trading solution allows the producer to trade in high and low price points, opening lucrative savings and earnings opportunities.

The Beyond Spot trading solution provides the energy producer with:

  • Access to trading markets including the intraday market

  • Ability to make real-time offers after seeing realised spot prices on the market

  • Modern and secure energy trading software

Implementing Beyond Spot trading starts with a thorough assessment of the energy producer’s portfolio and current energy processes. As the next step, we analyse the financial upside potential in intraday trading for the company. As a result, it is easy to calculate the pay-back time for the Beyond Spot service. After that, the full-scale implementation and continuous trading can start.




Savings and new earnings = lower overall energy costs

Trading with Beyond Spot offers clear and immediate benefits for the energy company. The key gains are:

  • Earnings from selling energy flexibilities at price peaks in the intraday market

  • Savings from buying electricity from the intraday market instead of using own production or storage in times of lower prices

  • Lower overall energy costs, increased competitive advantage

In summary, Beyond Spot’s energy trading enables an energy company to consume more energy when it is cheap and consume less when it is expensive.


Beyond Spot briefly

Beyond Spot is an innovative energy management service for industrial businesses. It helps you uncover energy savings and revenue potential by digitalising, automating and optimising your energy management system. Beyond Spot offers you significant benefits to save money and streamline your business. Watch the brief video about Beyond Spot.

Why buy electricity at a high price when you can buy it cheaply?

Why buy electricity at a high price when you can buy it cheaply?

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