Beyond Spot energy management

A revolutionary energy management service that brings you energy savings and revenue by digitalising, automating and optimising your energy management.


Bigger savings. New revenue streams. Less manual work. Greener operations.

The increasingly volatile energy market and spiking prices pose significant risks for your company. Volatility doesn't come with just risks, but also lucrative opportunities, but only for those well-prepared. Start harnessing the power of optimised energy management.

This is how it works – Start leveraging pioneering energy management systems

1. Step: Setting up accurate forecasting & assessing your energy flexibility potential

First, we help you forecast your energy consumption accurately and assess your energy flexibility potential. Within a month, you'll see how much money your company could save and generate with energy optimisation.

Gaining full visibility to how, when, and where energy is consumed requires breaking it down to a sub-process level such as raw material handling, treatment, production, and storing. In addition, this analysis allows the identification of your energy flexibilities, meaning areas where you can increase or decrease energy consumption based on market prices.


2. Step: Implementation and validation

In the next 6 months, together, we'll prove your energy flexibility potential and get the first results in lowering your energy costs.

We will help integrate your production automation systems into energy markets, enabling real-time forecasts and trading based on your changing energy needs.

Our modern energy optimisation tool gives trading access to all energy markets and is configurable to include your business constraints. Short trading intervals require your consumption forecast to be continuously updated to include all unforeseen changes. Accurate forecasts are possible with automation and real-time connections to all of your relevant data flows.

3. Continuous support and optimisation

Finally, reach your full potential in the energy markets by continuously optimising your energy flows and generating completely new revenue streams by trading your energy flexibilities.

We will support you in implementing a full-scale energy optimisation process, including forecasting, adapting energy usage based on flexibilities, and selling flexibilities in balancing and intraday markets.

While the actual trade execution is automated and decision-making is supported by intelligent tools, it does not remove the need for in-depth energy expert analysis. We help you to manage your energy process actively and guide you in interpreting how the changing regulations and market dynamics impact your energy operations.


Energy optimisation means more than lowering your energy costs

Act for the planet

Being energy-efficient isn't going to just benefit your company. Large energy consumers play a crucial role in mitigating climate change.

Forecast your consumption accurately

Mitigate energy and cost risks with automated real-time forecasts. Get full visibility of your changing energy needs.

Generate revenue from trading

Increase your profits with energy trading. We will make trading flexibilities in energy balancing and energy reserve markets effortless for you.

Lower your energy costs

Acquire energy at a minimum cost. Optimizing your production processes will result to a lower energy usage and lower energy prices.

Targeted solutions for different industries

Energy intensive industries

Energy intensive industries

Energy management for energy intensive industries
Energy industry

Energy industry

Energy management for energy companies

“Some of the best things about working with Beyond Spot have been their agile approach and level of teamwork. We got a solution that meets our needs. Not only that, we have been discussing new ideas and further development possibilities together.”

Risto Karjalainen, Energy Procurement Expert at Lappeenrannan Energia

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