An effortless, future-proof solution for district heating provider

The Beyond Spot team created a prediction system that allows Lappeenrannan Energia to effortlessly and more accurately predict the amount of district heating Lappeenrannan Energia needs to produce. This allows Lappeenrannan Energia to streamline its operations and determine the most cost-efficient way to produce the required amount of heat.


Beyond Spot

Beyond Spot is an innovative energy management service for industrial businesses. It helps you uncover energy savings and revenue potential by digitalising, automating and optimising your energy management system. Beyond Spot offers you significant benefits to save money and streamline your business.



Beyond Spot - cloud-native solution

Beyond Spot is a cloud native, next generation energy management solution powered by IoT technology. 



Beyond Spot and IoT Ticket in a nutshell

See how IoT technology powers Beyond Spot service.



Beyond Spot customer relationship model

See on the video how the Beyond Spot team embraces experimentation culture and co-creation with customers to deliver holistic energy managemet solutions.



Electricity market

See on the video how the changing business environment and electricity market is affecting businesses.



Intro to use cases for IoT in energy

See how we utilise IoT technology in Beyond Spot platform.


Service business at UPM Energy

See from the video how UPM's former CEO tells the story behind Beyond Spot service.